Discover Entshaar: Your Strategic Business Partner

Entshaar: Saudi Arabia’s Premier Business Process Outsourcing Service Over the past fifteen years, Entshaar has set benchmarks in the field of business process outsourcing, particularly in the realms of call center services and human resources. Our dedicated team strives to alleviate the burden of ensuring impeccable customer service and helps reduce costs for organizations. This ensures that businesses can maintain their success and excel in today’s competitive market. In this article, we’ll shed light on our company, the myriad services we offer, and the unique advantages that have allowed us to remain a strategic business partner for over a decade in an era where technology evolves daily. About Entshaar Entshaar is a Saudi-based company, delivering its services across the entirety of the Kingdom. We offer various cost-effective services such as business support and technical consultancy with an emphasis on high-quality, efficient call center services. Our vast experience, having collaborated with more than 20 major companies, is a testament to our proficiency. Moreover, Entshaar holds a license from the Communications and Information Technology Commission regarding our call center and interactive solution services. We cover all communication channels for receiving customer interactions and calls. Additionally, our human resources services enable businesses to guarantee top-notch employee management and facilitate both internal and external procedures related to personnel affairs. Entshaar’s Services:
  • Call Center Services
  • Human Resources Management
  • Remote Work Solutions
  • Smart Home & Security Solutions
  • Telemarketing Services
  • ELM Services

Connect with us at 920026002 for more details and to experience the Entshaar difference.

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