The Pitfalls of Unprofessional Customer Service

The Pitfalls of Unprofessional Customer Service One of the most challenging yet valuable endeavors for a business is to provide outstanding customer service. Even if you have a top-tier product, your brand’s reputation could plummet due to the detrimental effects of poor customer service. While it’s straightforward to replace poor marketing with excellent customer service, the reverse is far from simple. How Does Poor Customer Service Impact the Customer Experience? According to recent statistics, 72% of satisfied customers will share their positive experience with six or more people. Conversely, if a customer is dissatisfied, 13% will share their negative experience with 15 or more individuals. It’s crucial for businesses to recognize timely when they’re providing subpar service and to measure and enhance the impact on the customer experience. Diminishing Long-Term Customer Lifetime Value Research indicates that acquiring new customers is more expensive than retaining existing ones. This fact underscores the importance of exceptional customer service. 9 out of 10 customers claim they are willing to pay more to ensure an outstanding customer experience. Indeed, poor customer service can erode the average lifetime value of a customer. Ignoring Customer Feedback Customers understand that ignoring complaints or not providing a timely business response sends negative signals, such as the brand not valuing their opinions. Overlooking negative feedback can severely damage a brand’s image and potentially attract negative media attention. Underestimating the Power of Social Media Some companies face real challenges in keeping up with the latest updates on their social media platforms. These businesses often respond to customer feedback with generic or insincere replies, consistently missing opportunities to address negative comments or posts. How to Rectify Poor Customer Service? At Entshaar, we provide a dedicated 24-hour Saudi team ready to address all your customer inquiries across various communication channels. We cater to all your call center needs, working diligently to offer economical technical solutions that bolster your business. Our services include:
  • Managing and operating call centers
  • Setting up call centers
  • Hosting unified numbers
  • Managing communications across various platforms

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