Obtain a remote work license to reduce
the costs of human resources in your facility,
contribute to the localization of jobs, and
increase the rates of Saudization

Telework Solutions
Entshaar is an authorized service provider for the
Ministry of human resources and social development

We provide registration of your employees in the telework portal and we provide the latest and most efficient systems designed specifically for the employer to define tasks, and requests and monitor the completion of tasks in a timely and professional manner

Our Telework
Service Features


Our solutions highly customizable
and can be tailored to fit the needs
of your company

Business Specific

Services are designed especially for companies from various sectors, large, medium and small companies

Cost Effective

We work closely with companies to offer the best solutions and provide the most effective options


Provide the best tools to communicate, manage tasks, and successfully collaborate remotely

The importance
of Telework

Solutions provided
To work remotely

Public relations management system solutions

Ensures customer relationship and ticket management system
Facilitating communication with clients and supporting employers' requirements

Cloud contact center solutions

Providing the best means of communication and communication
Verified to connect beneficiaries of your services With your deeds

Telework Products and Services

We offer the following services by phase, a la carte or as a whole package

Telework Fields

Call Center


Telephone Sales


Digital Marketing

Data Entry

Administrative Support

Recruitment and Human Resources

Government Relations

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